The committees, formed under the chairmanship of Dr. Tarek Tawfik, the General Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum “GEM", have completed the examination process of the tender pre-qualification documents for the management and operation of the GEM facilities submitted last September by eight major Egyptian and international companies/consortiums. These committees comprise the international companies' representatives (Lord, PWC, Ehaf, Hill), responsible for preparing the tender documents, and a group of senior Egyptian engineering and legal consultants in this field, as well as representatives from the Council of State, the Ministry of Antiquities,  the Ministry of Finance, and the legal office and the engineering office supporting the GEM.

Major General Atef Moftah, head of the GEM Engineering Committee, said that these committees submitted a detailed report on the examination works of the pre-qualification documents to the five-member committee, which was formed upon the Prime Minister's decree. He explained that the committee is headed by Major General Atef Moftah and with the membership of representatives from the Ministry of Antiquities, the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation “MIIC", the Ministry of Finance, and the Council of State to ensure the integrity and transparency of the procedures, pointing out that the entire tendering procedures were conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities, the MIIC, and the Armed Forces Engineering Authority.

Major General Moftah confirmed that the shortlist of international companies/consortiums has been finalized in order to launch the tendering process to select the company/ consortium with the best offer, stating that the shortlist has included four Egyptian-international consortiums and one company (ordered according to the precedence of file submission):

An Egyptian-Italian consortium of Al-Kharafi National and its partners (Fabbro and Munus); an Egyptian-American consortium of Hassan Allam Construction and its partners (Jones Lang Lassalle); an Egyptian-French consortium of Orascom Construction and its partners (Gl event, Louvre, GFM, Engie, and RMN); an Egyptian-British consortium of G4S and its partners (the Egyptian Investment and Project and Development, and Samcrete); and, finally, MAB company from the UAE.

It is planned that tendering and contracting with the consortium/company for managing and operating the GEM facilities will be completed during the fourth quarter of 2019.

Dr. Tarek Tawfik, the General Supervisor of the GEM, assured that such facilities will include managing and operating shops and restaurants (including those overlooking the Giza Pyramids), a conference hall, a movie theater, a traditional crafts and arts center, bookshops, open areas available for events and a multifunctional building. The Ministry of Antiquities shall be solely responsible for managing all matters relating to the security, maintenance and restoration of artifacts in the restoration labs, storages and exhibition halls.        

It is worth mentioning that the international consultant (Lord, PWC, Ehaf, Hill) was entrusted last April to start the procedures of tendering, contracting and preparing the investment plan of tendering to manage and operate the GEM facilities; this shall be according to the international standards in light of the Council of Ministers' decree in this regard. Last June, in cooperation with the MIIC and the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, the Ministry of Antiquities- represented by the GEM- announced the beginning of the pre-qualification to the Egyptian and international companies/consortiums. S​

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The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is one of the largest museums in the World reflecting Egypt's past from prehistory until the Greek and Roman Periods in Egypt. Designed to serve as a gateway through time connecting a 5,000-year-old civilization with modern times.

The GEM is built inside a unique site, overlooking the Giza Plateau to connect modern Cairo with great Pyramids of Giza. Visitors are privileged to see the significant museum collection through an impressive 28-meter high glass façade. GEM covers an area of approximately 500,000 mand includes one of the largest museums in the World displaying the heritage of a single civilization. The Museum will contain over 100,000 artifacts, covering an area of 92,000 m2.

The Grand Egyptian Museum a cultural hub that will include children's museum as well as conservation, restoration, storage, research and museum education facilities. GEM is designed to be an entertaining, cultural and touristic destination, offering large areas available for investment, including a conference center, modern cinema theater, restaurants overlooking the Pyramids, food courts, cafeterias, retail and commercial areas, bookshops, traditional arts and crafts centers, a multifunctional building and gardens hosting year-round events and activities overlooking the Giza Plateau. ​