GAFI and MIG Sign Contract To Launch First Medical Tourism Resort in Egypt

GAFI and MIG Sign Contract To Launch First Medical Tourism Resort in Egypt
 Mr. Hossam Heiba: The project is set up on a surface area of 40 feddans at an investment cost of EGP 1.5 billion worth, and provides more than 4,500 job opportunities. GAFI CEO: The project is a practical application of the State Ownership Policy Document that underlines the empowerment of the private sector and increases its contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP). Chairman of MIG Board of Directors: The project will be a global destination for medical tourism that guarantees a sustainable foreign exchange income. The Chief Executive Officer of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI CEO) Mr. Hossam Heiba, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of "Egypt Investment for Development" Company Mr. Walid Al-Rasheed, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Maxim Investment Group (MIG) Dr. Mohamed Karrar signed a contract to establish the first medical and health resort in Egypt in Al Saff Investment Zone in Giza Governorate. According to the contract, MIG will develop, manage, and operate GAFI Investment Zone in Markaz Al-Saff and transform it into the first medical and health resort in Egypt, named "Naya Health Resort". This Resort will integrate health care and hospitality services in one place and will be the first of its kind to promote medical tourism in Egypt, in implementation of the State’s plan to develop investment in the health sector. 
Mr. Hossam Heiba said that GAFI developed the investment zone in the El-Wadi Village, Al-Saff Markaz, Giza Governorate, on a surface area of 40 feddans, at an investment cost amounting to EGP 1.5 billion, to provide more than 4500 job opportunities after operation. He indicated that the project aims to use the area to become a point of attraction for medical, tourism, service, crafts and commercial activities, which will have significant development impacts on the project area and the Egyptian economy as a whole. GAFI CEO added that the project is a successful model of partnership between the government and the private sector, in implementation of the state ownership document that emphasizes empowering the Egyptian private sector and raising its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
 He announced that GAFI would continue to cooperate with private sector institutions, whether through management, operation, maintenance of the zones, promotion of investment opportunities, or other activities supporting the investment climate. The investment zone in Al-Saff Markaz is distinguished by its unique architectural style, as it contains the villa of Al-Khawaja “Sornaga”, which dates back to 1940, and includes a Nile marina that allows movement to and from the zone, in addition to its distinguished geographical location, 65 km south of Cairo on the road of Cairo - Upper Egypt. Mr. Walid Al-Rasheed, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Egypt Investment for Development, a GAFI subsidiary, confirmed that craft activities will play a major part in the businesses to be carried on at Al-Saff Investment Zone. Such activities will benefit from the excellent handicrafts available in Giza Governorate – a heritage passed down through generations, especially in Kerdasa and Harraniya villages. They will also benefit from the abundant skilled labor force and will help in promoting the tourist destinations in Giza Governorate, Al-Rasheed added. On the other hand, Dr. Mohamed Karrar, MIG Chairman, stated that the project is the first of its kind in Egypt, as it includes many medical specialties and hosts leading doctors from many countries around the world. The project will be a global destination for medical tourism, thus generating sustainable foreign exchange income in addition to employing hundreds of doctors and health sector workers. The resort is scheduled to provide all visitors, foreigners and Egyptians alike, with integrated activities that would improve their physical and psychological health. It will also adhere to the highest standards of service and hospitality and will provide various means of transportation, ensuring a unique experience for visitors. The resort is also planned to utilize the strategic location of Al-Saff Investment Zone in providing river and land transportation services, in addition to providing amphibious aviation. 
The resort will include various medical clinics for comprehensive examination, medical laboratories, aesthetic clinics, in addition to hotels, restaurants, and various spaces designated for holding various events, occasions, and workshops. Dr. Mohamed Karrar stated that the partnership between MIG and GAFI is an implementation of the strategy and vision of MIG towards diversification and continuous development in the MIG projects at all investment sectors. Moreover, he explained that MIG is currently focusing on exploring various investment opportunities and venturing into new fields, which would help to enhance the investments of MIG in general, within the framework of MIG investment vision to build and develop a portfolio of diverse and sustainable strategic projects in the sectors of hospitality, healthcare, real estate and commercial development, with the aim of serving the community and providing various services to customers in a way that reflects MIG environmental, economic and social responsibilities.​




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