We Seek to Establish 8 Free Zones and 12 New Investment Areas
8 September 2018


On 8 September 2018, the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Dr. Sahar Nasr, the Minister of Local Development Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Sharawy, and the Minister of Trade and Industry Eng. Amr Nassar met with governors within the framework of the workshop organized by the Ministry of Local Development for new governors in order to review the main tasks of governors and the legal and political frameworks governing such tasks as identified by the Local Administration Law. The meeting was held in presence of GAFI's CEO Mr. Mohsen Adel and GAFI's Vice-CEO Counselor Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

Dr. Nasr emphasized that MIIC had several projects in which it cooperated with governorates, topped by the projects of sanitation and female breadwinners, noting that there were several ministries responsible for implementing such projects and to which MIIC secures funding and grants.

She also called on governors to follow up on the implementation progress of projects and to coordinate with MIIC to eliminate any obstacles facing such projects, besides ensuring their contribution to providing adequate job opportunities. She pointed out that MIIC has a unit for following up on projects in coordination with line ministries.

Further, Dr. Nasr indicated that MIIC and GAFI worked on establishing branches for the Investor Service Center (ISC) nationwide as well as new free and investment zones. She called on governors to cooperate in selecting the appropriate place in each governorate to establish such branches and zones.

As for free zones, the Minister stated that MIIC worked on establishing 7 free zones in Minia, South Sinai, new Ismailia, the Craftsmen area in Giza, Gamasa in Dakahliya, Aswan, and Kafr El-Sheikh. Such zones, as explained by Dr. Nasr, are expected to include more than 1000 projects and contribute to providing about 120 thousand job opportunities. MIIC also works on establishing 12 new investment areas in Benha, Arab al-Olikat, the land of Tanta Oil Refinery in Qalyubia, Meet Ghamr in Dakahliya, Al-Saf in Giza, Damietta, Sharqiya, City Center Almaza in Cairo, Ataqa District in Suez, the extension of Ismailia free zone, North Sinai and Aswan. Such areas are expected to include 8 thousand projects and contribute to providing 100 thousand job opportunities.

Dr. Nasr, the Minister of Local Development and governors were engaged in a dialogue on the establishment of several investment projects and free and investment zones in governorates as well as making the fullest use of current investment opportunities and promoting them to attract investors.

On his part, Maj. Gen. Sharawy asserted that the workshop would continue for two days as of Saturday and came within the framework of the President's directives and the Egyptian state's tendency to implement decentralization during the upcoming years. He referred to the significance of community and popular participation as well as citizens' engagement in the decision-making process with regard to projects implemented on the level of sub-governorates and cities in all governorates.

Serving citizens nationwide topped the government's priorities, added Maj. Gen. Sharawy, noting that the President emphasized facilitating and improving services for citizens during his meeting with the new government and governors.

The President's directives to governors would be translated into actions to which all governorates would be committed and which be supported and followed up by governors through the Ministry of Local Development and in coordination with all ministries and relevant agencies, indicated Maj. Gen. Sharawy.

Moreover, he stressed the necessity to follow up on suspended projects in governorates and identify them and the reasons beyond their suspension whether technical of financing reasons, besides working on solving problems in coordination with the rest of other ministries.

The Minister of Local Development ascertained the importance of implementing the principle of reward and punishment and establishing the principles of accountability and discipline, given that competence, integrity, and care of citizens would be the basic criteria in evaluating the performance of employees.

He stressed the importance of listening to citizens' complaints receives through several means, including social media, and the necessity of responding promptly to such complaints. He also emphasized the importance of cooperation between governors and MPs in governorates to achieve a kind of coherence between both sides.

Education and health portfolios would be focused on during the upcoming period to improve capacities of Egyptian citizens, added Maj. Gen. Sharawy, reiterating the importance of listening to youth opinions in governorates and implementing any ideas or solutions for any problems facing governorates.

During the workshop, Eng. Nassar referred to the significance of supporting investors during conducting projects' feasibility studies.  ​




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